Wednesday, March 30, 2011

...With Jam and Bread

Clara's spring swimming classes have begun and will be right at dinner time. So, for the next few months we will be having sandwiches for dinner on Wednesdays.

This morning we made a nice sandwich loaf and some strawberry jam.

I usually make a slow rise bread from this book, but I forgot to put it together last night. In a pinch, I tried Ina Garten's Honey White Bread. The 2 egg yolks give the bread a pretty light yellow colour and a great texture and taste.

My mum came to visit us today bringing a few pints of strawberries.

The two of us got a batch of strawberry jam made really quickly. Thanks mum!

A jar of the jam is going to be donated to a certain jam hiding sparrow I know of.

Jib says, "I could eat the whole loaf."


  1. Yes, one might call her passionate, enthusiastic...even ardent.

  2. Too cute, what a great kid.

  3. Great jam...even better bread. Thanks for letting me be a tester again. xox

  4. We have bread for dinner all the time! But alas no fresh JAM! It all sounds lovely!