Monday, April 25, 2011

Blueberry Date Juice

(Photo by Renee)

Renee and I were making this cake, and trying to figure out how dates grow.

Do they grown on a tree or on a bush or on a plant like a strawberry? Finally we googled it and discovered that they do, indeed, grow on trees, a little like a coconut does.

We then stumbled upon this recipe for a blueberry date juice.

After a morning of baking and cooking we were ready for a snack.

Throw bananas, milk, blueberries and dates in the blender and you get this bright violet juice that is creamy and sweet and filling.

Blueberry Date Juice

2 Bananas
1Cup Milk
2Cups blueberries (frozen)
8 dates, pitted
1-2 Tbsp protein powder (optional)

Mix together in a mixer until smooth.

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  1. this one seems a little nutty! But you take a beautiful photo!