Friday, November 5, 2010

Moosewood Pasta Primavera

Another winner from the Moosewood collection. This pasta primavera is loaded with vegetables and in a very tasty, tomato-wine (ricotta) sauce. If you have Moosewood's Lowfat Favourites, turn page 206, get out a pen and make some changes to the original recipe. My humble recommendation is that you add a few things to the recipe as shown in the cookbook. I love adapting recipes and this one needed just a few tweaks to make it perfect.

To make the sauce a little creamier, I added a tub of ricotta cheese with some salt, parsley, butter and parmesan cheese stirred in, to the pasta just before adding the tomato sauce. The cheeses and butter will melt into the pasta so nicely.

I love vegetables and the brief steaming keeps them tasting fresh and sweet. A lot of vegetables would work in this dish, so feel free to add what you like or subtract any that you don't.

Pasta Primavera

6 cloves garlic, minced
2tsp Olive oil
3Cups Chopped tomatoes
1/4C White Wine (Sauvignon Blanc)
1t salt
1/2C chopped basil
1 small red onion, sliced thinly
2 carrots, 2inch matchsticks
1 bunch asparagus, 2 inch pieces
2 heads broccoli, bite-size
1 bell pepper, 2 inch matchsticks
1 zucchini, 2 inch matchsticks
1/2C green peas
salt, pepper
1 tub ricotta
3Tbsp butter, diced
1/2C grated parmesan
1/3C chopped parsley
1 lb pasta- any shape works
extra parmesan for topping

Warm olive oil in a large deep skillet, add garlic and cook over med heat 2 mins.

Add tomatoes, wine, salt and stir 5-10mins. Add basil and red onions and remove from heat.

Bring a large pot of water to boil with a steamer basket inside. Starting with the carrots for 1 minute, add peppers, asparagus, and broccoli to basket and cook another 3 mins. Add zucchini and cook 1 min. Add veg to tomato sauce, season if necessary and keep off heat.

Cook Pasta.

While pasta is cooking mix ricotta, butter, salt and parsley to taste and parmesan in a serving bowl. Add cooked pasta, stir well. Add tomato-veg mixture and stir well.
Top with lots of fresh pepper and grated parmesan cheese.

Jibs says "Dont forget a healthy sprinkle of freshly grated Parmesan on top!"

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  1. I am going to try this tonight. I just need to get the white wine (we always have red but never white). We are pasta lovers.