Monday, November 29, 2010

Do you like Lentils?

If you ask my Mum-in-Law how to cook thriftily, she will ask you this: Do you like beans? Lucky for us, we do. My kids love them and so do we. So many things can me made with them; soups, stews even salads. Lentils are a little like beans both in their economy and ability to fill you up (without filling you out- and that's always good around Christmas). I could eat the Orangette Quiet Soup every day. The two cups of red lentils and carrots make this soup a very pretty orange colour. I like to put out a big pot of this soup for lunch with some cheese, crackers and apple slices. This recipe is perfect, in my option. We are eating it twice this week.


  1. I do love to cook thriftily. We do love beans and lentils. Am going to take look at this recipe.

  2. Hey Jess,

    I tried the soup...and we loved it...another hit in the McDonald home.



  3. yay for soup. Im glad you guys enyoyed!
    These are good too!