Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pumpkin Doughnut Muffins

Jim and I have an, of sorts, going as to whether or not doughnuts are a breakfast food or not. (I suppose anyone who knows us can guess which of us is on which side.) Some Saturday mornings, when they don't think I'm looking, Jim and Clara will to sneak out for such contraband.
Now, when the November issue of Everyday Food landed in my mail yesterday morning I was immediately drawn to the pumpkin section. These doughnut muffins have me reconsidering my doughnut for breakfast ban, mainly because they are just so good it hardly seems right to limit them.


  1. I am with you...doughnuts are not breakfast food...but then pumpkin doughnuts with coffee..or cider...would make a really good breakfast.

  2. I had left over carrot cake and cider for breakfast this morning...:)

  3. not breakfast food, but SO delish anyways.
    i love it when my mom used to surprise us with doughnuts for brekky (:

  4. Thank you for putting up this recipe - my cousin got it from the Food magazine and told me what a great recipe it was. I never got a chance to pick up that issue so I was happy somebody posted it. They were delicious!! You have a really nice site too and I am happy to have another nice blog to check out!