Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lucy's New Threads

Sewing is just a different kind of recipe. In fact, I often mix up the terms and say I'm using a pattern for dinner and a recipe for sewing...
For Clara's third birthday she got a dolly from her Great Gramma Dorothy and named the dolly "Lucy". Gramma Dorothy is a wonderful seamstress and has always made beautiful things including doll clothes. I had a little spare time last night and was digging through my old patterns when I found a vintage pattern for doll clothes. I used some sweet fat quarters that my Mum-in-law bought me for my birthday and now Lucy has some cool new threads.


  1. Lucy is looking good... I want her outfit!!!

  2. i have to say, Lucy is a sweet looking doll.
    i think Maui turned me just as beautifully chocolate-y brown as her.