Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What I {almost} ate for : Breakfast

Having a very hungry boy around me all the time means I share all my meals. Jibs usually finishes his breakfast and then finishes my breakfast. This morning (after being inspired, yet again, by Everyday Food) I toasted myself a piece of bread, sliced some white cheddar on top and spread the cheddar with marmalade, popped it in the toaster oven again and melted everything together. If you don't have a toaster oven, I would stick the dressed toast under the broiler for a minute or so.

I love marmalade and what I actually of this toast was delicious...Jibs ate most of it and made "mmm, yum" sounds the whole time. This is sure to become a morning favourite.

Now excuse me as I go make myself another toast.


  1. this stuff is delicious.
    my dad used to eat it most mornings while i was child (:

  2. I'm going to do a brunch and have THIS. It looks so yummy :)