Thursday, July 15, 2010

A few new things

~My first zucchini was harvested beautiful.

~Clara and I were feeling adventurous today so we decided to try something new- Hand kneaded, rolled and cut pasta from the River Cottage Family cookbook. We plan on eating it with a certain roasted zucchini and this sauce. This recipe for pasta gives a really nice pictured tutorial with an identical recipe to ours.

~Sunday Suppers has a great recipe for an Herbed Flatbread...we made that too.

Clara made this bread almost entirely by herself. I read the recipe to her and got out the ingredients and she went to it kneading and rolling, forming and topping. She proudly served her daddy and baby brother the bread she made herself.
Clara rolling out the dough for the flat bread.
Loving the zucchini.

Rows of beautiful pasta.


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  2. Jessie, you two really were feeling adverterous :)
    Clara you did an amazing job, did you love helping to make dinner?
    I love love love that cookbook (thanks to bec!), i just need to be a bit more courageous and use it more often.
    Can't wait to see you all on Sunday